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I've always been interested in personal and spiritual growth and healing even from a young age. After my first deep experience with meditation, I immediately wanted to share that with other people. Whenever I saw someone suffering I wanted to help. At 13, I began taking yoga with Shanti Desai and practiced daily as instructed. As I continued to practice, Shanti recommended that I learn to teach and I underwent a year long apprenticeship with him in 1979. I then began to teach for a couple of years. In 1984, I began to study martial arts at the ninja karate Academy. I did that for 11 years. In 1986, I began to teach yoga, meditation, guided visualizations in various settings, and have continued to do so ever since. In 1987, I began to study and practice massage therapy. I continued to study many forms of massage and bodywork including neuromuscular therapy which I have over 900 hours of training, in addition to many many hours of study. Some of the other things I've studied are; Myofascial release, and Craniosacral therapy, which I continue to study, visceral massage, Sports massage, Thai yoga massage, shiatsu, reflexology, various types of energy work such as polarity and Reiki - I am a double Reiki master in both the Usi and Karuna styles. Other things I'm trained in and practice are; transformational breathing, hypnotherapy and brain spotting. My specialty is in relieving pain, restoring posture alignment and healthy functioning, helping to reduce injuries, working with athletes to achieve peak performance, and just helping to improve the quality of life for people and their overall health looking at things holistically.

I also apprenticed with my original massage teacher and then began teaching Massage, eventually opening a school where I taught massage for 20 years. I had the first State Approved Private Vocational School for Massage Therapy in this area. It was also a healing arts center, where we taught and sponsored many workshops, not only in bodywork but yoga, meditation, personal and spiritual growth, etc.

As for yoga and meditation, I have taken thousands of hours of classes, workshops and retreats. This included a 200 hour, and then a 500 hour certification as a Kripalu yoga teacher, which included instruction in teaching meditation. I have a 500 hour certification in Yoga Therapy. I've been practicing yoga and meditation since I was 13 years old. In 1990, I began to diligently study and practice mindfulness meditation, also called insight meditation. I continue to take trainings and retreats on a regular basis and practice daily. I also teach something called mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). This course uses mindfulness meditation to help people to reduce stress and to learn to relate to life in a new way. I’ve also assisted in three yoga teacher trainings, in a neuromuscular therapy training and many other things. I have a lot of experience in teaching. I am licensed massage therapist in the state of New Jersey, have my National Certification for Massage and Bodywork. I'm a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association.

Presently I work out of a private office in Somers Point, New Jersey. I also teach classes and workshops, and retreats in personal and spiritual growth mindfulness meditation MBSR yoga, and more.

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